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If you are reading this you have more than a passing interest in treadmill desks.  You also have more than a passing interest in your health and well-being.  You have choices as well… UnSit is not the only walk-at-work option on the market.  We are, however, the only option with an ownership team that has more than half a century of experience developing products and programs that have helped people live healthier more productive lives.  That experience and commitment have resulted in a patented design that stands alone as the only treadmill truly designed for the purpose (U.S. Patent No. D797216)
Paul Byrne and Rob Jacobs co-founded UnSit.  Paul recently retired as President of Precor where he led the introduction of a series of industry firsts including the EFX, the world’s first elliptical trainer.  Under Paul’s leadership, Precor established itself as the industry’s leading innovator.

UnSit Co-Founders Paul Bryne and Rob Jacobs

UnSit Co-Founders Paul Bryne and Rob Jacobs

Rob has a lifetime of experience in the health and fitness industry spanning from the highly regarded Pritikin Longevity Center where he developed customized workout programs on treadmills to The Walking Center, a first of its kind chain of stores he founded in Southern California focused on walking and wellness.  Today Rob is the co-owner of National Gym Supply, the largest online supplier of parts and services to fitness facilities in the US.


Other UnSit partners include a leading distributor of Office Furniture and one of the world’s finest treadmill manufacturing companies.


UnSit is headquartered in Los Angeles California.  Shipments originate from Los Angeles and we have a network of experienced treadmill installers and service technicians to support our products.