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But, Where Will I Sit?

We hear this question a LOT at UnSit. And we understand why. Sadly, we’ve been sitting in chairs since Kindergarten, and even we UnSitters can accept that we can’t actually stand and walk constantly while working for a solid 8 hours.


Throughout our school years and into our careers, sitting is the norm. We’ve grown accustomed to working in a chair and it’s hard to imagine doing it any other way. I felt the same way when I started developing an under desk treadmill. Even I had to figure out “sitting breaks.”


As UnSitters, we want to flip the script and get anyone doing computer work all day to a point where the majority of their day is spent standing and moving, sprinkled with breaks or tasks that require sitting.


Other solutions over the years have fallen short of actually solving this dilemma. The first generation of treadmill desks placed a long skinny fitness treadmill under one side of a wide stand up desk, with a chair under the other side so you could shift back and forth… and shuffle all of your equipment along with it. This just seems impractical and cumbersome.


Ideally you have space for two desks during the first few weeks as you build up the endurance to stand more. If you don’t have that kind of space, then we recommend Fully’s Luna Stool which can be used on the treadmill, or a similar style Ergo Stool.


Now, you do not really “sit” on these stools, but rather “perch” your rear on the seat, resting about half your body weight on the seat and the other half split between your two feet. With this “tri-pod” stance it’s easier to keep your back straight. These Ergo Stools have a round bottom so they tilt forward to accommodate this “tri-pod like” perch and they are easy to lift on and off your treadmill.


Customers find these Ergo Stools useful during their first few weeks of transitioning to full use of a Treadmill Desk, and you can keep it around forever for those occasional times you feel like sitting.  


*SAFETY NOTE: While using an Ergo Stool on your treadmill pull out the treadmill’s safety lanyard so the treadmill can not accidentally start up.


What are you waiting for?


I walked 1.5 miles and took 3615 steps while writing this article…