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L=S*E squared

Learning equals Studying times Exercise Squared. 

Ok, so it’s not Einstein’s E=MC squared but it may have a bigger impact on your life. PLOS One recently spent some time specifically studying the effects of exercise and movement while learning:  It takes biking to learn: Physical activity improves learning a second language.


The evidence and correlation between movement and maintaining better memory is finally getting the attention it deserves. Our brains have an elasticity, and when you start moving in any dynamic way, you automatically increase brain activity. In this state, your brain is able to comprehend, retain, and utilize information more effectively.


“The results suggest that physical activity during learning improves that learning,” says Simone Sulpizio a co-author of the study.


“The learning improvements documented in the study extend beyond simply aiding in memorization,” Sulpizio added. “The exercise also deepened language learners’ grasp of how to use their newly acquired words.”


The researchers don’t think schools will have exercise bikes and treadmills in their classrooms so they simply recommend students be allowed more time to exercise before and after class. We disagree. We envision a future where classrooms look more like gyms and students are seen jogging around the track while listening to lectures on their iPods or memorizing their multiplication tables.  


My favorite quote from Simone Sulpizio is: “Sitting for hours and hours without moving is not the best way to learn.” Exactly…


So get up out of your chair and MOVE. If you need a Treadmill Desk, you know who to call.