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The Impact of Impact

Walking Makes Your


Brain Work Better

If you are reading this then you likely already believe in staying in motion, that walking is good for you, and you totally want an under desk treadmill at work. ;)

We talk a big game about how exercise improves brain function, and the science that continues to be revealed is fascinating. A recent study, How Walking Helps The Brain, conducted at New Mexico Highlands University about the physiology of foot strikes and brain waves blew us away:
...the foot's impact during walking caused significant impact-related waves through the arteries that sync with the heart rate and stride rate to dynamically regulate blood circulation to the brain."

You can read the full study here, but this is just the tip of the iceberg (as they say) of the impact walking has on your brain as well as the rest of your body. From brain stimulation to improved oxygenation of your blood and all the cells that blood gets carried to, that's a big ripple effect. 

Seeing the results of your hard work in the mirror is great, but feeling the results of improved circulation and brain function improves our productivity and creativity at work, and can improve your professional bottom line. 


And remember to KEEP MOVING...


Rob Jacobs
Chief UnSitter


I walked .56 miles and burned 107 calories while typing this newsletter.