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Patent No Longer Pending!

Hey UnSitters! It's official, we were issued U.S. Patent No. D797216! As of September 14 we are exclusively offering the work-space approved under-desk treadmill. UnSit’s patented design covers the unique over square shape of the treadmill platform, wide so you can use your whole desk area and short so it doesn’t stick out behind you. Here are just a few reasons the WALK-1 Treadmill Desk is THE office treadmill to own: 


  • Fits your work-space or office, not too long or bulky.
  • Fits your work-activity, designed to go slower than your standard treadmill for tedious tasks.
  • Fits your lifestyle, because you don't want to die from sitting (no really, if you're still not convinced, here's ANOTHER article in the LA Times).
  • Fits your wallet, you can buy the treadmill by itself to use with an existing desk, or with our awesome riser desk. 
  • Fits your goals, you're getting your steps in! 
  • Boosts your productivity so you can perform at your best.
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