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A Little Exercise In The Morning Wakes Up Your Brain


Ever since we launched UnSit new research keeps getting published showing how exercise improves creativity, cognitive function happiness and well being. We’ve blogged about many of these articles here on the UnSit blog page including the Stanford study that is frequently referenced by other writers. We also honored Dr. John Ratey and his book Spark with our #Walkie Award.


This new study just published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine was conducted on school children to learn how adding an exercise class before school improves Body Mass Index and obesity. No surprise, the kids that exercised consistently before school lost weight, improved their BMI and had lower rates of obesity. But the researchers also noted the kids experienced improvements in their social-emotional wellness. In other words, the kids were happier and felt better about themselves. Other studies (and research cited in Dr. Ratey’s book) shows that exercise improves academic performance too.


What we found interesting about this new study is that the exercise was performed in the morning, BEFORE school started. It seems that exercise actually “jump starts” your brain and readies it to perform.


More research would be needed to confirm our conjecture and make sure it also applies to adults, but it sure makes sense that if you want to perform better mentally and feel happier then you should do some exercise before you start work.


The good news is you do NOT have to go to the gym or even break a sweat. Some light walking on an UnSit WALK-1 Treadmill desk will make you feel better and work smarter.


So order one now on the UnSit shop page.


Whatever you do, GET UP AND MOVE, your body and mind will thank you.


~ I walked 2,350 steps typing this post.