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Think On Your Feet


When we came up with our tagline GREAT MINDS MOVE there was already good science backing up the claim.  And the studies keep rolling in.   We’ve all had the experience of being stuck on a problem, going out for a walk and coming up with a solution.  Or how ‘bout when you come up with a great idea while working out ?   Steve Jobs was famous for taking his engineers out on long walks to solve design challenges.


Last week Gretchen Reynolds wrote in the New York Times  about a small scale study conducted by Glenn Gaesser, Professor of Exercise and Health at Arizona State.  Gaesser and his team administered thinking tasks common in job performance.  The test subjects took these tests while sitting then again after 10 minutes of standing or light walking on a treadmill desk or under desk treadmill.


It’s no surprise to us that all subjects performed significantly better on the thinking tasks after standing or walking for just ten minutes.  Gaesser says that “the physical and mental arousal” that occurs when people end their seated stillness and stroll, pedal or stand up improves attention, memory and other cognitive skills.


We have a number of articles and videos documenting this same effect on the Why UnSit page - so GET UP and MOVE everyone.


–I took 768 steps writing this post.