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Researchers at Goethe University’s Institute of Medical Psychology published an interesting study in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions. This study had people walk on a treadmill while learning foreign language vocabulary. The results: those who walked while they learned had better recall.

49 people ages 18-30 participated in this study. The people were asked to learn 40 foreign language words, (20 nouns and 20 adjectives) while walking on a treadmill. Each person first established their own comfortable walking speed then went through an auditory learning program.

The same people returned to the lab 72 hours later and again were asked to learn 40 new words but this time while sitting in a canvas chair. The researchers controlled for other lifestyle variables such as sleep, alcohol and caffeine consumption across both learning sessions.

These same people performed 27% better at learning new words while walking on a treadmill then they did while sitting. The researchers concluded, “even very light physical activity during encoding is beneficial for subsequent recall.”

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