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If you’re sitting down, GET UP, your life may depend on it, literally. New research shows sitting too long can bring about an early death. But don’t freak out, there’s something you can do, read on.

A team of eight researchers at Columbia University, Cornell and six other research institutes published findings in the Annals of Internal Medicine that confirm what we’ve been blogging about for years, your desk job is killing you. The study found a link between sitting too long day and premature death.

The researchers followed 7,985 adults over four years, recording everything from age, to how long the individuals spent seated, to how often they got up for breaks and how vigorously they spent that break time. The results showed that individuals who sat for longer periods of time without any breaks were more likely to die prematurely from all causes of death. Dr. Keith Diaz who headed up the study hypothesizes that frequent movement helps manage blood sugar levels and prevents the formation of blood clots in the legs.

Diaz summed up the study by saying, “sit less, move more, and move frequently.”

The findings reported here are not surprising. Exercise has been hailed as a solution to many health problems. So you may be asking yourself how you can continue to earn a living without sitting so much. While the researchers of this study emphasize getting up and moving frequently, we at UnSit have found working on a treadmill desk is not only practical, it eliminates sitting and increases productivity and creativity. You can order an UnSit Treadmill Desk here on the UnSit shop page.