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Shipping & Deliveries



We ship our products from our warehouse in Los Angeles. The WALK-1 Treadmill ships by common freight carriers. We choose the best carrier based on your location. Allow 3-5 days to reach the west coast destinations and 5-7 days to reach east coast destinations. The WALK-1 is packaged in a sturdy carton. Our shipping department straps the treadmill to a wood pallet for secure handling by the freight companies. Once we ship we will email you the name of the freight company and a tracking number (aka; PRO number). The freight company will call you to schedule a delivery but you can speed things up by calling the freight company when you receive your tracking number and schedule a delivery date. The truck driver is only obligated to deliver the pallet onto your property. Sometimes they will help move it all the way inside but typically they will leave it on your driveway or move it into a garage if easily accessible.


Once on your property, cut the black bands that hold the treadmill to the pallet. You can either unpack the treadmill and wheel it in on a dolly or on the treadmill’s front wheels, OR, two people can carry the whole box inside by lifting the carton by the yellow bands, then unpack it once inside. In some cases, it is better to move the treadmill in while it is still in the carton as you can drag the carton on its side and the treadmill will be protected. In other cases it is better to remove the treadmill from the carton outside and have two strong people carry and wheel it in.


The DESK-1 is packed in TWO boxes, one containing the desk top surface and the other containing the desk frame. If you purchased the DESK-1 together with the WALK-1 Treadmill we will strap the DESK-1 to the top of the WALK-1 Treadmill carton and strap all three boxes to a wood pallet and ship the palette with a common freight carrier. See the paragraph above. If you purchased the DESK-1 by itself we will ship it with FedEx Ground courier service.