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Shipping Info

UnSit Treadmill Desks and Under Desk Treadmills must ship with LTL Freight Carriers. This is different than FedEx or UPS Courier services. There are three different shipping options at checkout:


CURBSIDE DELIVERY - The Freight Carrier will deliver the pallet with your Treadmill Desk onto your property, but they are not obligated to get it inside your home or office.   

INSIDE DELIVERY - The Carrier will call and schedule a time window and the driver will move the boxes inside your home or office but they may not move it into a specific room. NOTE: In commercial office buildings the driver is only obligated to bring the treadmill past the “first threshold” of the building. They may not bring it up elevators or down long corridors.

WHITE GLOVE SERVICE - UnSit will contract with a qualified treadmill technician in your area, ship your Treadmill Desk to them and they will schedule an appointment, assemble and install your new Treadmill Desk where you want it. The White Glove Service provider will remove the shipping carton and materials.

WE SHIP TO CANADA, with the necessary documentation for importing. Canadian citizens are responsible for taxes or duties (if any), plus the Customs Broker’s fee which is about $100. For specific details about taxes/duties contact Bridgeview Brokers in Toronto sales@bridgeviewbrokers.com or call them at 800-350-0248.


More info about UnSit shipping

USABLE WALKING SURFACE - Area you can actually walk on. 1200 sq.inches 800 sq.inches 800 sq.inches 720 sq.inches. 774 sq.inches
PROTRUDES BEHIND YOUR DESK 27 inches 37 inches 40 inches 36 inches 40 inches
OVERALL WIDTH - Allows safe access to the entire width of your desk. 38 inches 28 inches 29 inches 24 inches 31 inches
CONTROLLER FOOTPRINT - Space taken up on your desktop. 5" x 5" = 25 sq.inches 13" x 3" = 39 sq.inches 7.25" X 4.125" = 30 sq.inches 8" X 3" = 24 sq. inches Built in to front edge of desk
CONTROLLER TYPE Single Tactile Turn Knob Multiple Press Buttons Multiple Press Buttons Multiple Press Buttons Multiple Press Buttons
EMERGENCY STOP MECHANISM Mounts discreetly under desk Connects to controller, tether sits on top of desk. Less likely to activate when needed. Connects to controller, tether sits on top of desk. Less likely to activate when needed. Connects to controller, tether sits on top of desk. Less likely to activate when needed. Plugs in to front edge of desk.
DECIBEL LEVEL¹ 42.9 dB Not Published 42.7 dB Not Published Not Published
SPEED RANGE .3 - 2.0 mph .4 - 4 mph (can be set at 2mph) .5 - 2.5 mph .5 - 2.5 mph .3 - 2.0 mph
SAFETY CERTIFICATION TUV² CE UL None Listed "Meets ETL requirements"
WARRANTY Lifetime Frame
3 Years Motor
2 Years Parts
1 Year Labor
Lifetime Frame
3 Years Motor
2 Years Parts
1 Year Labor
3 years Motor
2 years Parts
1 year Labor
20 years Frame
2 years Motor
1 Year Labor
3 years Motor
2 years Parts
1 year Labor
RETURN POLICY 30 day 100% refund minus shipping 30 days 85% refund minus shipping 100 day 80% refund minus shipping 30 day 100% refund no freight charges Check with local Dealer
SERVICE PROVIDERS NGS³ Not Published Spirit Not Published Steel Case Dealers
MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 250 lbs 350 lb
AMPERAGE DRAW - 170lb person at 2 mph⁴ 1.5 amp 1.8 amps Not Published Not Published 3 - 8 amps
OVERALL FOOTPRINT 56" x 39" x 9" 63" x 28.5" x 7.5" 67.5" x 28.35" x 9.5" 63" x 24" x 6" 64" x 24" x 6"
TREADMILL WEIGHT 161 lbs 122 lbs 150 lbs 88 lbs Not Published
BELT DIMENSIONS 30" x 40" 20" x 50" 20" x 50" 18" x 50" 18" x 53"
STEP UP HEIGHT 5" 5.2" 5" Not Published 6"
PRICE WITH DESK $2,090 $2,249 $2,195 Not Available $4,995
PRICE WITHOUT DESK $1,595 $1,499 $1,495 $999 Not Available
SHIPPING FREE Depends on retailer $149 $195 Depends on retailer
MOTOR HORSEPOWER⁵ 2.75 HP 4,000 RPM Treadmill Duty 3 HP Continuous Duty 3 HP at 4000rpm - Unlimited Duty Cycle 1.5 HP - 3.5 peak
DC Continuous Drive Motor
Not Published

¹ Decibel Levels vary greatly depending on the acoustics of the room they are measured.

² TUV meets and exceeds ETL and UL safety standards.

³ National Gym Supply is an international provider of services and parts since 1992. NGS has a nationwide network of certified treadmill technicians.

⁴ The WALK-1 is uniquely geared to produce maximum power at slow speeds delivering a smooth quiet walking experience and the lowest amperage draw under load indicating its high degree of efficiency.

⁵ Horsepower is a rating that depends on multiple variables. The actual amount of power delivered to the walking belt depends on gearing.


"I love my UnSit under desk treadmill. Since I added it under my Standing Desk my energy level, and degree of focus are better. I feel less sluggish at the end of a long day. I'm now walking 4+ miles a day...WHILE WORKING and don’t even notice the miles going by."

- Elliot Lamberger: Lead User Experience Designer, RING.com