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Troubleshooting Guides


The App won't launch on my iPhone. NEW ISSUE as of October 4, 2019

Apple is auto-updating iPhones to their latest iOS v13 and they introduced a new App launching protocol which should make Apps launch faster BUT in some cases the Apps won't launch at all. We are working as fast as possible to update the UNSIT App and cure this problem. A soon as we have the fix in place it will then take a couple of weeks for Apple to approve it and publish it in the App store. In the mean time, KEEP MOVING.

One work around other customers are doing is dedicating an old reitired iPhone to their UNSIT Treamill and leaving it paired all the time. The USB port on the Treadmill's controller can provide power to such a phone and keep it charged all the time. If you do this, turn off the Wi-Fi on the phone so it won't auto-update the iOS. We will send out an email when the new App is in the App store and available for download.

The treadmill’s belt won’t go:

  • Are the LED lights on the controller blinking? If YES, continue, if NO, skip to next section...
  • Are you standing on the belt?
  • If not, try standing on the belt.
  • If you ARE standing on the belt, then re-calibrate the weight sensor (see instructions below) and/or watch the video “calibrating the weight sensors" here on the Support page.

If LEDs are NOT blinking, THEN:

  • Check that the red “on/off” switch on the front of the treadmill is switched on. It will light up RED when it is on. If the red switch does NOT light up then there is no power reaching the treadmill.
  • Check that the treadmill’s power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet. You can verify your outlet is working by plugging in another appliance.
  • Check that the circuit breaker located next to the power switched has not popped out. If it has popped out, press it firmly back in.
  • Check that the red lanyard is securely connected into the Emergency Stop mechanism under your desk. You will feel it click and lock itself in place when secure. If you lost your lanyard, call or email UnSit for a replacement.
  • Check that the black telephone cable that connects the Emergency Stop mechanism to the black controller box is securely plugged on BOTH ends. The telephone cable plugs into the back of the white emergency Stop mechanism under your desk and the other end plugs in to the back of the black controller box on your desk. Both ends must be securely plugged in.
  • Check that the black coiled cable from the treadmill is securely plugged into the back of the controller box by pressing on the white 12-pin connector. You may need a small Philips head screw drive to remove the cable clamp on the back of the controller.

Calibrating the weight sensors.

If you have determined that the weight sensors are not functioning (see above), you can re-calibrate following these directions. There is also a video here on the Support page showing this procedure. The procedure is:

  • Continue holding down ||> until ALL LIGHTS FLASH ORANGE, then lights 1-5 light up RED.

When lights 1-5 are lit up RED, you are in engineering mode and one of the 5 lights will be blinking. Turn the ||> button until the FIRST (bottom) LED is blinking red, then press the ||> button and the first LED will now flash GREEN followed by lights 5-8 and finishing with lights 1-4. This will repeat THREE (3) times, then all lights will light ORANGE, indicating a successful calibration. If the series of lights did not flash green, then repeat this procedure. Once successfully completed the treadmill should operate normally.

The treadmill’s belt has wandered all the way to one side:

Adjust the belt using per the directions on pages 23-24 of the Owner’s Manual. You will need the blue handled Allen key wrench that came with your treadmill. If you cannot find the blue handled Allen key wrench contact UnSit for a replacement or buy a 6mm Allen key wrench at any hardware store. There is a video showing how to adjust the belt here on the Support page. An experienced treadmill technician can make this adjustment. Contact UnSit for a referral to a technician near you.

I’m hearing a rubbing or scrapping sound.

  • Look to see if the belt has wandered all the way to one side of the treadmill. You will see a black strip on one side and the belt running under the metal side rail on the other side. If this is the case, adjust the belt per the directions above.
  • If the belt appears to be centered, then check to make sure no foreign objects have fallen behind or underneath the treadmill and are rubbing on the belt.

I’m hearing loud knocking noises.

This may be a bad bearing inside the rollers. You’ll need to have an experienced treadmill technician check it and perhaps replace the roller. Call UnSit for a referral to a technician near you.

My Desk won’t move up and down:

You need to recalibrate the desk height. This requires no tools. Simply turn the desk power off and back on while holding down the up/down arrows. Different desks have different re-calibration procedures. Follow the directions in the Owner’s manual of your desk. The Owner’s manuals are available for download here on the UnSIt Support page.


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