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UnSit vs
Lifespan TR800-DT3

Under Desk Treadmill Comparison

Usable Walking Surface 1200 sq in 720 sq in
Protrudes behind your desk 27 in 32 in
Overall width - allows safe access to the entire width of your desk 38 in 28 in
Immediate Auto Stop at all speeds YES NO
Controller footprint (space taken up on your desktop) 5" x 5" = 25 sq in 13" x 3" = 38 sq in
Controller Type Single Tactile Turn knob multiple press buttons
Emergency Stop Mechanism Mounts discreetly under desk Plugs in to controller, tether sits on top of desk. Less likely to activate when needed
Decibel Level at 1 mph w 200 lb user 42.5 dB (user's ear height at 2.0 mph) Not Published
Shock Absorbing Deck YES YES
Speed Range .3 - 2.0 mph .4 - 4 mph (can be set at 2mph)
Safety Certification TUV - exceeds UL and ETL CE
Smartphone App YES YES
Warranty Frame: Lifetime Motor: 3 Years Parts: 2 Years Labor: 1 Year Frame: Lifetime Motor: 3 Years Parts: 1 Years Labor: 1 Year
Return Policy 30 day 100% refund minus shipping 30 days 85% refund minus shipping
Service Providers NGS NA
Maximum Weight User 400 lbs 300 lbs
Amperage Draw - 170 lb person at 2 mph coming soon 3 amps
Overall footprint 56" x 39" x 9" 60" x 26" x 6.5"
Treadmill Weight 161 lbs 99 lbs
Belt dimensions 30" x 40" 18" x 45"
Step up height 5" 4.6"
Treadmill sold separate for use with your desk Yes Yes
Price with Desk $2,490 1749
Price withOUT Desk $1,695 $999
Shipping FREE depends on retailer
Motor Horsepower 2.75 HP 4,000 rpm Treadmill Duty 2 HP continuous duty

TUV meets or exceeds ETL and UL safety standards. Horsepower ratings depend on multiple variables and vary greatly. UnSit is uniquely geared to produce maximum power at slow speeds making it the quietest, smoothest Under Desk Treadmill on the market.