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UNSIT treadmills come with the following warranties, valid in the United States and Canada only.


FRAME: - Life time
All other parts – 3 years
Labor to replace parts – 1 year.


UNSIT warrants our treadmills to be free of defects in material workmanship under normal use and service, for two years from the date of purchase. The warranty DOES NOT COVER: Damage that results from misuse, negligence or fading or discoloration caused by the product being exposed to direct sunlight.


Should a component fail during the first two years of use, UNSIT will repair or replace any defective component. UNSIT will pay for the labor to install a component that the customer is unable to install. Customer may be responsible to pay for the service technician’s travel time, where travel time exceeds twenty miles (thirty-two kilometers).


UNSIT may change and improve our products without any obligation to similarly alter any product already purchased. In order to honor our product warranty and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your UNSIT product, only components supplied by UNSIT may be used and installed by a technician authorized by UNSIT. The warranty is void if any components other than those provided by UNSIT are used or the treadmills has been serviced or adjusted by someone NOT authorized by UNSIT.


To request service or file a warranty claim, get in touch via our contact page, or call us at: 800-515-7990